almost full term!

Can you believe these two crazy kids are just a few weeks away from becoming parents?! Yeah, we’re pretty surprised, too.

We’ve been busy with lots of baby-related preparations, but have also tried to set aside some couple-time when we can. For Valentine’s Day I squeezed my 35-week pregnant belly into a dress and even managed to zip my boots up over my swollen ankles, all in the name of a romantic date night with the Moo. We had a great meal at our favorite restaurant, Lily Bistro, and it actually felt a little bit like we had gone back in time to when I wasn’t pregnant. The illusion was short-lived, however, mostly because of the strange looks I received from other customers when they saw me sipping on my fancy virgin cocktail–I think there were some fetal-alcohol concerns in the air! But not to worry, it was a mish-mash fruit juice cocktail with a lime… I just love having a martini glass in my hand!

It doesn’t seem possible that I’m continuing to expand every day, but I am! I haven’t gained much weight in the last month or so (I’ll have a weigh-in tomorrow at my appointment with my midwife), but still my body has shifted and stretched to new dimensions. Baby Moohoo is definitely starting to run out of room in there, as evidenced by the big changes in her movements over the last few weeks. She no longer does elaborate acrobatics, but instead stretches and pushes as if she’s desperate to find any little bit of space in my uterus. It’s been so much fun to watch my stomach shift and wiggle as she moves around–Mike and I agree it’s better than anything on television!

We’ve continued to put the final touches on our nursery, including this adorable wall mural, which was a super easy to use adhesive decal kit. All of the little purple butterflies around the room are so cute, and make it feel more like a kid’s room. Mike has assured me that it’s impossible to go overboard on cutesy details in a baby’s room (“C’mon, it’s a BABY’S room, it’s supposed to be ridiculous!”), so I haven’t held back and have just fully enjoyed making the space as adorable as possible.

It’s been a productive week for crossing things off our to-do list, including filling out all of our pre-registration paperwork at the hospital, touring the birthing unit, finalizing and turning in our birth plan, and meeting Moohoo’s pediatrician. On the agenda for this week is a shorter list: we need to pack our bags for the hospital and get our car seat installed. Other than that, I’m just trying to get some rest and continue preparing myself mentally for the big challenge of bringing Moohoo into the world. I’ll officially be full term this week, so we’ll be watching for labor signs and crossing our fingers that by March 18th our little girl will be here!
On another note, I want to encourage all of you who are reading to check out my friend Lindsay’s blog, which is all about the incredible training she’s been doing for a marathon. Race day is in New Orleans next week, and she’s not only been pushing herself physically for this huge challenge, but has been raising money for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Her run will be in the name of finding a cure, and she could use lots of support in these last days leading up to her race. Check out her blog and consider making even a small donation to her fundraising effort!
Stay tuned for an update on our birth plan and some new belly photos later this week!

2 thoughts on “almost full term!

  1. You are so damn cute with that baby front and center in your hott dress. Also, I think you should have started loudly slurring your words at the restaurant. For fun!Okay, this is going to sound ridiculous, but I am really excited to read about your birth plan. AND! A friend of mine just delivered at 37 weeks, so I am selfishly hoping that little Moohoo gets her butt out here soon (face it, you're as prepared as you'll ever be). Mikey is right. Babies don't get a say, and thus they are subject to utter absurdity in decor. It is the Rule.

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