showered in love

Mikey and I are getting so excited to see friends and family at a baby shower hosted by his dad and stepmom in a little under two weeks! They designed the beautiful invitation shown above, and have put in lots of work to make the day extra special for us and our guests. This will be the last time we make the drive to New York before baby moohoo joins us out here, and for many of our guests it will be the first time they have seen us since we found out about this pregnancy. I can’t wait to share the day with so many of the people we love!

We tried to put as much thought into our guest list as possible, and decided only to invite people who could reasonably make the drive to Schoharie. So, if you’re reading this and feeling at all disappointed not to have received one of these gorgeous invitations, please rest assured that we thought of you… and didn’t want you to feel obligated to send a gift or feel guilty about not coming to an event that was hours and hours away from you!

I do want to recommend a couple of great websites to those people who will be attending, where you can find a bunch of the same stuff that’s on our registry at a discount. and are both reputable sites that offer tons of the standard brands of baby supplies, often at a significantly lower price than a big chain like Babies’R’Us. And those of you who have already gone above and beyond in your gifting (ahem, Jen & Chris), please don’t keep shopping just for the sake of bringing a gift… seeing so many of the people we love is gift enough!!

We’re counting down until we get to see you all!


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