tryptophan + pregnancy = thanksgiving coma

And if baby doesn’t make the belly go round, a massive amount of turkey, stuffing, and pumpkin pie oughta do the trick. Mikey and I celebrated Thanksgiving with his family in Schoharie, and then spent the weekend in Albany catching up with the usual suspects. We had a great mini-vacation, stuffing our faces and visiting with people we love.

I neglected to capture any of the fun and special moments of our NY getaway except one (the most important, obvs). Here’s a picture of me and my fellow gestator, my sister-in-law Marissa:

It was fun to spend the day with someone who could match my appetite and share excitement over all things baby.

I hope you all had an equally fun and love-filled holiday!


2 thoughts on “tryptophan + pregnancy = thanksgiving coma

  1. I Love the pregnancy shirt in pic #1!!! Very cute!! It was great seeing you guys, and good thinking bringing your camara, that will prob be the only prego pic we get with each other :(…but at least we got one!! Take care!!

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