is that a banana in your uterus…?

This week our alien is approximately the size of a banana, and is starting to develop taste buds. Apparently she’s going to be able to discern tastes in the amniotic fluid she has been swallowing, which actually kind of freaks me out.

I’m continuing to expand by the day, and there is definitely no hiding this pregnancy from passersby. The kids I work with haven’t been too curious about it yet, but they have started staring at my stomach for extended periods of time, looking either horrified or just surprised.

Mike and I set up a registry at Babies’R’Us, which turned out to be a total nightmare. First we went to the wrong store (apparently stores that say “Babies’R’Us” on their signs are not always being 100% honest about their inventory), and wandered aimlessly around two dirty aisles of half-broken strollers before realizing that we were definitely not in the right place. When we finally did find the real Babies’R’Us we were truly horrified by how much it costs to buy all of the random stuff it takes to have a baby… I didn’t know what half the stuff on the registry checklist actually was, which may not be that great of a sign for our unborn child. The checklist also included way more than we could ever fit in our house… but they are very convincing salespeople and make you feel like , “What will she do without a stationary entertainer AND a jumper AND a bouncer?!” It all seemed a bit ridiculous. To top it all off, when we got home and eagerly checked out our registry online we discovered that none of the things we had picked were actually available online… so we had the great pleasure of deleting everything we’d chosen and starting over. What a fun day.

I’ve been in a bit of an organizing and cleaning frenzy lately, and Mike has patiently accomodated all of my craziness. This weekend will most likely be a continuation of the madness as we try to finish our “stuff to do before the baby is born” checklist, which seems pretty endless. Here’s hoping we find the time to do some nothing, too.


2 thoughts on “is that a banana in your uterus…?

  1. Ugh Babies R Us is a nightmare….I've had a few friends have bad experiences there too! Do you guys have Buy Buy Baby up there? It's a huge store owned by Bed, Bath, and Beyond. Good luck with your checklist. I hope you are feeling well. Love you!

  2. You guys are soo good!! We havent even started a registry yet!! I just checked yours out at babies r!! All the stuff is soo cute!! I did look at the checklist and it looks like a total lookn good!! Take care!!

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