hot potato

This week the little alien is the size of a sweet potato, or roughly about 5.5 – 6 inches long. I guess it’s actually looking much more human now, and not so much like an alien. I am continuing to expand, though my weight gain has stayed within the normal range so far. It’s very weird to catch glimpses of myself in the mirror or big storefront windows and suddenly realize that the pregnant lady staring back at me… is ME.

The most exciting news of my week is that I officially felt the baby moving around for the first time!! I think that some of the little flutters I’ve wondered about have probably been the baby, but for the first time I was able to really tell that something unique and different was going on in there. So far it feels like someone giving me a tiny poke underwater… it’s kind of a swimmy-feeling but also like a distinctive little kick. I began feeling it a few days ago, and finally began believing that was really what was happening when it continued. Popsicles and music seem to result in the most action at this point, so I’ve been sucking down lime ice-pops and sharing my ipod with my belly button to get the little moohoo all riled up.

Michael Jackson, Cream, Busta Rhymes, and Poco seem to be the big winners thus far, with music from Beyonce, Lyle Lovett, and Bob Dylan eliciting no response yet. Send your musical suggestions and I’ll let ya know what he or she thinks.


8 thoughts on “hot potato

  1. Aww..thats soo awesome that you can feel him/her!!! I suggest Hooty and the blowfish..for some reason Darius Ruckers voice gets Carleigh all and then second is Dave Matthews!!

  2. Clearly you should play "Low" by "flo rida". I'd try things with lots of bass since it tends to travel best through my apartment walls I would assume it would also travel best through your abdominal wall.

  3. I love reading your updates and the picture with you and the IPOD on your belly is adorable 🙂 Miss you!!! OH…I second the Bon Jovi nomination but it has to be the older stuff to really get MooHoo rockin'!

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