am i showing? or just getting fat?

So the big question of the week is: am I starting to show, or just eating too many cool ranch Doritos? I usually wake up each morning with a relatively normal looking stomach, and by the end of the day this is what I look like:

So which is it? Fat or pregnant?


9 thoughts on “am i showing? or just getting fat?

  1. Oh my God, you are so FREAKING adorable!!!! I def. think you are showing and not fat…considering the only extra weight I see is in the baby-belly region πŸ™‚ I miss you!

  2. I agree…you are showing–since it is all belly central. But in reality it really does not matter if it is dorito weight or baby because you may be the most beautiful and cutest preggo lady ever πŸ™‚ Miss you!!Michele

  3. Baby bump for sure since you seem to have gained all the weight in your uterus. Hahaha…seeing you with a baby bump reminds me of when you used to enjoy pretending to have a baby bump and walking around the mall.keely

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