Mommy and Daddy are Landlords…

There’s not much to report in pregnancy news… I am thankfully continuing to move out of the nausea/fatigue/headache stage that made the first trimester so difficult. My clothes are starting to fit a little tighter, and I am eating enough for about 5 people. I’ve mostly been craving sugary stuff that I would be better off avoiding… gummy bears, boxes of popsicles, and jelly doughnuts… as evidenced below:

Aside from our now peach-sized fetus, the obsession of our summer has been fixing up the rental unit that we hope will someday keep that little peach in diapers. Well, all that obsessing is nearing a payoff as the renovations are near complete and we are ready to rent the place! I’m feeling super proud of all the work that Mike has done on the place, and wanted to share the transformation with everyone. Admire, please!

Here, we have the disgusting living room carpet on the day we bought the place. Real nice, huh?
And now, the scrubbed down and freshly painted living room:

This is a shot of the dining room on day 1, complete with the tenants’ left-behind furniture:

And this is the dining room now, sans filthy carpet and with a fresh coat of paint:

This is one of the unit’s bathrooms, which was filled with garbage and a soaking wet carpet when we bought it:

This is the bathroom now, without a clean and dry carpet and no wallpaper:

There is still work left to do to complete the overhaul of the place, but we’re finally feeling confident that we can rent it. Our goal is to find tenants who would also love to be baby-sitters in about six months…


2 thoughts on “Mommy and Daddy are Landlords…

  1. Ummm,I still have to be up here to go to my job every day in 6 months….but I will TOTALLY commute in order to be a babysitter ๐Ÿ™‚ The apartment looks great – Mike has done some great work. So glad you are beginning to feel better and that you are moving into a more comfortable and enjoyable part of the pregnancy ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you both!

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